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Story Of Hunza Tribe

A story of a tribe whose inhabitants lives until 145 years and have children until the 90s.

In trying to resolve the debate about the optimal diet for good health, and long life, the experience and proven evidence such as the Hunza tribe experience is the best way to guide and choose.

The Hunza tribe lives in the Himalayan region, isolated from the whole world, adopting simple lifestyles that allow them to enjoy good health and a life span of 145 years. It is one of the happiest societies on Earth, They did not appear to have any heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, or any of the chronic epidemics and diseases that have emerged in the past & present.

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The people of «Khaldeen Valley» are strong and healthy bodies free of diseases and tumors, and they have a young form and beautiful eye catching. This tribe is known as Hunza and means "united like darts in a quiver", and they are distinguished by their length and light skin, which is very similar to the Greek people, and has an average population of about 100 years.

The people of Hunzas live in the mountains of northern Pakistan, numbering about 87,000 people, and strangely, most of this people live until the age of 120 years, some of them may reach the age of 160 years, without diseases or health problems. The population of this tribe depends on a 100% natural diet and eat only the fruits and vegetables they cultivate. They also bathe in ice water, even if the external temperature is less than 0 ° C.

One of the traditions maintained by the Hunza people is fasting for two to four months, eating nothing but drinking dried apricot juice, and convincing that fasting contributes greatly to the health and longevity of their bodies.

Dr. Robert MacCherson, was the first to write about the tribe in Studies in Deficiency Disease.
MacReson found the main ingredient in the Hunza diet, dried apricots, which make up the bulk of their body's calories, and because they never get cancer, scientists studied the properties of the dried fruits they depend on for their food.

The average age of Hunza is over 100 years, and women and men have the fertility that enables them to have children until the age of 80. The researchers have recorded all the foods that the tribe members regularly eat.

Ripe fruit, vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, dark leafy vegetables, , Pumpkin, Apples, Blackberry, Cherry, Pear, Peaches, Apricot.

Among the other secrets behind the Hunza tribe are their tendency to eat less food. They eat only two meals a day, do muscle-intensive work and set aside a seven-day fasting period each spring. The last reason is to practice yoga exercises regularly.

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