Back to Nature

It is a fact that we all realize, we feel a lot of positive feelings when dealing with nature directly, your presence from time to time in natural places such as beaches, green plains, parks and others can simply improve your mood and your health and your relationship with the world. Going out to nature is indispensable:

1- Going out to nature improves the health of the heart and lungs: The latest studies have shown that rates of heart disease and respiratory tract increase in places where the presence of plants and trees.

2- Green places reduce your sense of tension and anxiety: because the hormone tension is secreted at normal rates, unlike what is happening in the dark chambers and deaf rhythm of the city rapid, a little nature will reduce your tension inevitably.

Back To Nature

3- Nature increases your ability to creativity: Keep away from some of those electronic devices that have become an essential part of our relationship with the world, and spend some time in the arms of nature increases your ability to creativity by 50% according to the latest studies.

4- Nature is the best psychotherapist: Just being in the natural places improves your mood and reduces your sense of many negative emotions such as depression and depression and makes you more active and receptive to life.

5- Nature helps you get rid of insomnia: A few walks in natural places such as plains or forests gives you a comfortable deep sleep without sleep, and healthy sleep means a better life at all levels.

6- Nature increases your immunity against diseases: Regular walking in natural places makes you more immune to many serious diseases and reduces the risk of diseases such as cancer by 50%.

7- Nature also gives you an opportunity to meditate, relax: connect your inner energy and the energy of the universe around you, a renewed experience of the heart, mind and spirit.

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