Company Profile

Nutri Health Top therapeutic classes

We are dealing with products portfolio in major therapeutic class in Egyptian and middle east top therapeutic group:

  • Top Egyptian Market therapeutic classes
  • GIT disorder
  • Anti Diabetic preparations
  • Anti hypercholesterolemia
  • Obesity & slimming preparations
  • Hepatic Preparations
Nutri Health

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We always support The process of translating ideas that align with our vision of transforming health care into value for the benefit of the patients and communities we serve.

Our Mission

Our Mission

WE are dedicated for development and manufacturing of herbal & nutritional supplement which provides the today and future needs of Health care Market.

Our Core Value

NUTRI HEALTH seeks the loyalty of these patients and physicians, and we are prepared to earn this loyalty anew every day.

NUTRI HEALTH expects that its employees will create value for the company and its stakeholders.

NUTRI HEALTH employees, at all levels, have a right to expect from the company and their colleagues:

  • Respect, support and encouragement.
  • A work environment that is safe, stimulating and rewarding.
  • The freedom to make mistakes and to admit to them without fear of retribution.
  • That the highest standards of integrity will be maintained at all times.
  • That colleagues will never knowingly do anything to compromise their position as NUTRI HEALTH employees.
  • That all who represent NUTRI HEALTH will do so in ways that generate respect for the company and its employees.

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40 Ahmed Fakhry St., 3rd Floor, Office 7, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt